• Topical Index & Curriculum Handbook

    School of Ministry The Topical Index is resource index of all School of Ministry Curriculum.

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  • Topical Index & Curriculum Handbook

    School of Ministry Curriculum Handbook is an extended resource that includes:
    1) Course Descriptions 2) How to Use 3) Topical Index

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  • Topical Index & Curriculum Handbook

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About The School of Ministry Topical Index & Curriculum Handbook

How to Use The Topical Index & Curriculum Handbook

The Topical Index

The Topical Index is a resource index of all School of Ministry Curriculum.  It lists where to find specific topics are found in all of the courses in the curriculum. The curriculum is linked directly in the Topical Index Legend table below.

You may also download a copy here: Topical Index

The Topical Curriculum Handbook

The Curriculum Handbook is an extended resource that includes:

  • Curriculum Course Descriptions
  • How to Use the Curriculum
  • Topical Index of the Curriculum

You may download a copy here: Curriculum Handbook

Note: All downloadable print editions are in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.
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“Equipping the Body of Christ to…
      ...Fulfill Purpose and Achieve Destiny”

Topical Index online

Key to Abbreviations

Course material containing a specified topic is referenced as follows:

  • Followed by Roman numeric section in the lesson (I, II, III, Etc.)
  • Followed by lesson number in that course (L)
  •  Followed by point and sub-points within the section.

The following is a topical index for the entire School of Ministry curriculum. If you want to find where a particular topic is covered within the curriculum find the topic of interest in the alphabetical index and simply follow the map under the section “Where Found.” You may also download a copy here: Topical Index

 Topic Where Found
 Abraham GN,L13-14
 Abundance FI,L24,I-II; LM2,L7-8; LM3,L5,III
 Accountability LS,L22-23,V,F; SR,L5-7,IX; VC,L24,II,C,3
 Acts AA,L1-24
 Adam GN,L5,IV; GN,L6,IV; GN,L11,VII; IS,L19-20,VI,A,1
 Adultery LOM,L15-17,II,F
 Affliction See: Suffering
 Altar Call HO,L15, IV, Appendix
 Angel of the Lord BD2,L7-9,VIII
 Angels BD2,L7-9
 Antioch Church AA,L17,VII
 Apollos AA,L21,V
 Apostle(s) LC,L20; AA,L4-6,VI; CP,L2,I; LOC,L9,III-IV; LOC,L10,VI; LOC,L12
 Apostles, Twelve WPT,L11,II,B
 Appointed Servant(s) LC,L17; AA,L12,II
 Army of God BD2,L14-18,VII,E; LC,L8,III,B
 Ascension  AA,L4-6,IV; LOC,L24,IV
 Assimilation  CP,L14
 Atonement  BD2,L1-6,V,VI-VIII
 Attributes of God  BD1, L9-14, VII
 Authority(ies)  CP,L19-20,II,E; DS,L14; SR,L3; LOM,L15-17,II,D; BGW,L9; See also: Civil Authority
 Authority of Bible  BD1, L3-8, II,B
 Authority of Believer  DS,L11
 Babel  GN,L12
 Balance  CT,L6,IV; CT,L8-9; HO,L3-4,II,C,1; PM,L6
 Baptism of the HS  BD2,L10-13,VIII; HS,L10-11; MPN,L7; VC,L14
 Baptism for the Dead  IS,L8,I,C
 Barnabas  AA,L15,IX,D
 Bible  IS,L1-4,II,IV; WPT,L7; See also: Word of God
 Bible Reading Plans  PBS,L10,III
 Bible Study  PBS,L9-12
 Bible Versions  IS,L1-4, Appendix; PBS,L10,II; PBS,L10,Appendix
 Birthright  GN,L20,III-V
 Bishop  LC,L18,I,B
 Blasphemy against  HS  HS,L9,I,I; AA,L11,II,A,1; See also: Unpardonable Sin
 Blended Family  FI,L22
 Body of Christ  BD2,L14-18,VII,C; LC,L16
 Body Ministries  LC,L24
 Boldness  HS,L8,III,E; AA,L9-10,X
 Books  PM,L8,VI
 Borrowing  LM2,L11-12,V
 Bride of Christ  BD2,L14-18,VII,D; LC,L8,III,A; LM1,L7-11,II
 Business  BGW,L1-24  See also: Work
 Call of God  CP,L5-6; LS,L12-14; LM3,L6,I; PM,L3; VV,L5-6,II,G; VV,L7
 Canonicity  BD1, L3-8, Appendix
 Career  See: Work
 Carnality  VC,L1,II
 Cell Groups  PM,L22
 Change  BC,L7-9,IV,C; BC,L10,II,H; BC,L11-13,IV; CT,L6,V; CT,L7,I; VV,L9-11,I,H; See also: Transition, Change Management
 Change Management  CP,L19-20,II,B; VV,L22-23; BGW,L6
 Character Qualities  HO,L11, Appendix 2; LS,L19-20; LM3,L10
 Chastity  FI,L9,V
 Child, Discipline  FI,L13-14
 Child, Rearing  See: Parenting
 Children, Value of  FI,L12; CP,L23,I,A,1
 Children’s Ministry  CP,L23
 Christ  See: Jesus Christ
 Chronology  AA,L1,Appendix; GN,L1, Appendix; IS,L12, Appendix; NTS,L1,V; NTS,L7, Appendix; OTS,L3-4, Appendix; OTS,L7,A; OTS,L11-12,G; OTS,L11-12, Appendix
 Church  BD2,L14-18; DS,L16; LC,L1-24; GN,L6,V; GN,L16-17,V; TS,L3-4,VII
 Church, Local  LC,L4-5
 Church, Old Testament  LC,L6
 Church, Universal  LC,L3-4
 Church Constitution  CP,L24, Appendix
 Church Discipline  LC,L14; BC,L7-9,III; PM,L20
 Church Government  BD2,L14-18,VIII; LC,L11; WPT,L21,IV
 Church History  WPT,L10-22
 Church Membership  See: Membership
 Church Planting  CP,L1-24; AA,L18,V; AA,L20,IV
 Church and State  WPT,L13,I
 Circumcision of Heart  MPN,L5,III,D
 Civil Authority  TS,L5,V
 Code of Ethics  LM3,L11-12
 Comforter  HS,L3,III
 Commission  CP,L1,III; EV,L2,VI; EV,L6-7,III; TS,L1,II,A
 Commitment  DS,L18; LC,L15; CP,L19-20,II,C
 Communication  FI,L6; SC,L1; VV,L15-16; VV,L21,I; BGW,L18
 Communion  PM,L14
 Community  DS,L17; TS,L3-4,III,D
 Compromise  GN,L15,IV; OTS,L8,B
 Confidentiality  PM,L11-12
 Conflict Resolution  FI,L7; LS,L21,III,I; BGW,L17
 Constantine  WPT,L13,I
 Constitution  See: Church Constitution
 Contentment  IS,L10,V; LM2,L9-10,II,E; LOM,L15-17,II,J
 Conversation  SR,L5-7,VIII,A
 Cornelius  AA,L15,II
 Cornerstone  LC,L9,II,C
 Counseling  MPN,L11-12; BC,L1-24
 Covenant(s)  FI,L3,II-IV; FI,L8,I-II; GN,L1,VIII; GN,L5,III; GN,L7,VI; GN,L11,IV; GN,L13- 14,VIII; IS,L11; NTS,L18,IV,A
 Covering  CP,L16; GN,L7,V
 Covetousness  LOM,L15-17,II,I-J
 Creation  GN,L2-4
 Creation of Man  BD1,L19-21,I,II; GN,L4,II,F
 Cross  BD2,L1-6,VIII
 Culture  BGW,L5; TS,L1-2
 Curse of the Law  GN,L1,IX,G; GN,L7,I-II; GN,L8,V
 Dating  FI,L19-20; SR,L9-10,II-III; SR,L11-12
 David  LS,L16-18,IV,B; OTS,L10,I,2; OTS,L11-12,B,1; OTS,L11-12,C,1
 Deacon(s)  See: Appointed Servants
 Death  PM,L18,I; VC,L24,I
 Debt  LM2,L11-12
 Deception  CT,L1,II; GN,L6,I-II; GN,L18-19,II; LOC,L20,II,F
 Dedication of Infants  PM,L15
 Deity of Christ  BD2,L1-6,I,A
 Deliverance  See: Salvation
 Demographics  CP,L8,II
 Demons  BD1,L15-18,VIII,IX
 Demon Possession  BD1,L15-18,X
 Denial  See: Self-denial
 Depravity of Man  BD1,L19-21,V; DS,L1,I; DS,L10,III; EV,L2,III; FI,L13-14,VI; GN,L6,V; See also: Fall of Man
 Destiny  LM1,L4-6; TS,L3-4,III,G
 Devil  See: Satan
 Devotions  FI,L16,III
 Diligence  LM1,L7-11,III,I
 Discerning of Spirits  HS,L23,I
 Discernment  CT,L1,I-II; CT,L10-11,VII-IX; CT,L12,IV
 Discipleship  DS,L24; CP,L21-22,IV,B; LOC,L9; VC,L2,I,D; See also: Mentoring
 Discipline  LC,L14,IV,D; FI,L13-14,I,V; See also: Church Discipline
 Discipline, Child  See: Child, Discipline
 Discussion  SC,L14
 Dispensations  IS,L13,III; WPT,L7-9
 Divorce/Remarriage  FI,L21
 Doctrinal Statement  VV,L18,Appendix
 Doctrine  BD1, L1-2
 Dominion  LM1,L2-3; LM3,L4
 Dove  HS,L5,I,A
 Dress  PM,L9,III,A; PM,L9,Appendix
 Early Church  AA,L7-8,V,IX; AA,L11,II,B; PBS,L1,IV; WPT,L10
 Economics  TS,L5,I
 Education  TS,L5,II
 Elder(s)  LC,L18; CP,L21-22,II,A; PM,L23
 End Times  See: Eschatology
 Engagement  SR,L11-12,VI
 Enoch  GN,L9
 Entrepreneur  BGW,L8
 Environment  FI,L15,I-II
 Evangelism  DS,L13; EV,L1-12; MPN,L4
 Evangelism, Excuses  EV,L1,II; EV,L8,III
 Evangelist(s)  LC,L22; AA,L13,III,B; EV,L4; LOC,L10,II
 Eschatology  BD2,L1-6,XI-XII; BD2,L21-24; CT,L1,II,C; CT,L2,I; GN,L10; IS,L24; NTS,L15,IV; LOC,L20; VC,L24
 Ethics  PM,L10; BGW,L20; See also: Code of Ethics
 Example  FI,L11,IV,2; FI,L11,V; PM,L1-2,IV,B; PM,L5
 Excellence  LM2,L4,I,B; LM3,L8-9
 Failure  LS,L22-23,IV
 Faith  DS,L3; MPN,L3; GN;L13-14,VI; GN,L15,II; GN,L16-17,III; NTS,L15,V,A; NTS,L19,IV,B; OTS,L15-16,IX-XIII; VC,L10-12; VV,L9-11,II
 Faith, Gift of  HS,L21-22,II
 Faithfulness  BD1,L9-14, Appendix; LS,L19-20,VIII
 Fall of Man  BD1,L19-21,III; FI,L2; GN,L6,V; See also: Depravity
 False Doctrine  CT,L10-11
 False Ministries  CT,L2,II; CT,L3-4; NTS,L15,VI,A; NTS,L21,IV,F; NTS,L23,IV; NTS,L23,V,B; See also: Hireling
 Family  DS,L15; FI,L1-24; PM,L24; TS,L3-4,V-VI
 Family of God  BD2,L14-18,VII,B; LC,L10;I-II
 Famine  GN,L13-14,VII,C
 Fasting  PBS,L8
 Fatherhood of God  BD1,L19-21,II,B; LOC,L12
 Fear of the Lord  OTS,L15-16,XVI,A,4
 Feedback  BGW,L12,IV
 Filled with Spirit  BD2,L10-13,VIII, VC,L14,III
 Financial Management  CP,L19-20,II,F; LM2,L9-12l BGW,L24; See also: Money, Economics
 Fire  HS,L5,I,B; AA,L7-8,II,C,2
 First Love  FI,L10
 Firstborn  LOM,L7-8,II
 Fivefold Ministry  LC,L16,III,E; LC,L19; WPT,L21,III
 Flood  GN,L11
 Follow-up  EV,L5,V-VIIFI,L8,III,C
 Forgiveness  BC,L19,I,C, DS,L4; VC,L15-17
 Formalism  WPT,L14,II
 Fornication  FI,L19-20,II
 Foundation  DS,L7; MPN,L1; VC,L2
 Friendship  BC,L7-9,II,D; SR,L5-7
 Fruit of the Spirit  HS,L13-14
 Fruitfulness  HS,L13-14;III,V
 Funerals  PM,L18
 Giants  GN,L10,VI
 Gifts of the Spirit  DS,L22; HS,L15-17; WPT,L20,II
 Giving  LC,L12; NTS,L10,III,B; See also: Tithing
 Goals  LM2,L2-3; VC,L1,I&IV; VV,L13-14,IV
 God  BD1, L9-14; CP,L1,I; FI,L1,II; GN,L2,I; VC,L15-17,I-II; TS,L3-4,III,A
 Good Works  EV,L6-7,IV; NTS,L17,V,A; NTS,L19,IV,B
 Gospel  BC,L7-9,I; EV,L2,IV; EV,L5,II; FI,L2,III; NTS,L17,VII
 Gossip  LOM,L15-17,II,H; See also: The Tongue
 Grace  LS,L24,III
 Grandparents  FI,L23
 Great  White Throne  BD2,L19-20,II,B
 Guest Ministry  CP,L17
 Guidance  AA,L20,III; FI,L17; IS,L1-4,VIII,B; PBS,L1,II
 Hard Heart  LOM,L7-8,IV
 Harvest  EV,L9
 Healing  HS,L21-22,I,III; MPN,L9-10
 Heart  LS,L15; PM,L4; WPT,L3-4,III; See also: Hard Heart
 Heaven  BD2,L19-20
 Hell  BD2,L19-20,V-VI
 Heresy  NTS,L14,IV,D
 Hermeneutics  IS,L1-24; PBS,L12
 Hireling  PM,L1-2,Appendix 2-3; See also: False Ministries
 Holiday  See: Vacation
 Holy Spirit  BD2,L10-13; HS,L1-24; AA,L2-3,III,A; AA,L7-8,II; BC,L2b-3,II; LS,L24,I-II; NTS,L7,VI,B
 Homiletics  See: Preaching
 Homosexuality  TS,L3-4,VI,D
 Honesty  LM3,L7; LM3,L10; BGW,L20
 Hope  BC,L16; NTS,L15,V,A
 Hospital Visitation  PM,L19
 Hospitality  FI,L24,III-VI
 Humanity of Christ  BD2,L1-6,I,B
 Husbands  FI,L5,V
 Identity  See: Self-image
 Idolatry  LOM,L15-17,II,A
 Image of God  BD1,L19-21,I,A; GN,L4,II,F
 Immersion  MPN,L5,V
 Incarnation  BD2,L1-6,II
 Inspiration  BD1, L3-8, II,A,V-VII; IS,L1-4,V
 Integrity  BGW,L20; See also: Honesty, Ethics
 Interpretation of Scripture  See: Hermeneutics
 Interpretation of Tongues  HS,L23,III
 Isaac  GN,L16-17; IS,L19-20,VI,A,3
 Israel and Church  LC,L6,II; IS,L12,III-V; WPT,L7-9
 Jabez, Prayer of  PBS,L3-4,I,C
 Jacob  GN,L18-19,24
 James  NTS,L19,I
 Jerusalem  AA,L4-6,III,B
 Jesus Christ  BD2,L1-6; LOC,L1-24; LC,L16,II,B,III,A; HS,L7,I; HS,L10,II; AA,L4-6,II,D-G; CP,L2; BC,L4,I; EV,L6-7,II; GN,L1,IX; GN,L5,IV; GN,L16-17,II; GN,L21- 23,IV; IS,L15; IS,L19-20,VI,A; LS,L7; LS,L8-11,III-IV; LM3,L1-3,III,A; NTS,L18,VI,A; OTS,L3-4,J; OTS,L5,I; OTS,L15-15,XV,E; OTS,L17,VIII,D; PM,L6,III; PBS,L1,III; LOM,L15-17,III; LOM,L20,II
 John  NTS,L6,I
 John the Baptist  LOC,L6
 Joseph  GN,L21-23; GN,L24,I,A,D-G; IS,L19-20 Appendix
 Joshua  LS,L16-18,IV,A; LM3,L9,III; OTS,L7,B-C
 Joy  NTS,L13,IV,A
 Judas  AA,L4-5,V; LOC,L21,VI
 Jude  NTS,L23,I
 Judgment  BD1,L22-24,IV
 Judgment, Eternal  BD2,L19-20,II; VC,L24
 Judgment Seat of  BD2,L19-20,II,A
 Christ  See Jesus Christ
 Kingdom of God  LC,L2; CP,L1,IV; LM3,L4,II-III; NTS,L1,IV,C
 Kingdom of Heaven  LC,L2,II; NTS,L1,IV,C
 Lamb of God  LOC,L7-8,I,B
 Latter Rain  WPT,L3-4,IV; WPT,L19,I
 Laying on of Hands  WPT,L20,I
 Law, The  OTS,L6,D; LOC,L13,III-IV; LOM,L15-17; LOM,L20
 Law, Natural  TS,L5,III
 Leadership  LS,L1-24; LOM,L12-13,II,D,5; BGW,L2
 Leadership Development  CP,L2,III; CP,L7; CP,L21-22; LS,L16-18; PM,L1-2,IV,F; PM,L21; LOM,L3- 4,V
 Leadership Qualifications  BC,L5-6; LS,L1-4,II,B,10; LS,L19-21
 Library  See: Books
 Light  LOC,L16,II,B
 Listening  BC,L14-15,II; LS,L21,III,H; PBS,L5,I,D; SR,L5-7,VIII,B; SC,L13
 Lord’s Prayer  PBS,L3-4,I,A
 Lot  GN,L15,IV-V
 Love  BC,L17,II,A,2; EV,L8; FI,L5;  NTS,L15,V,A; SR,L4,III; See also: First Love
 Luke  AA,L1,III; AA,L4-6,II,A-B; NTS,L5,I
 Lying  LOM,L15-17,II,H
 Manna  IS,L19-20,VI,B; PBS,L9,IV; LOC,L16,II,A; LOM,III,A
 Mark, John  AA,L19,V; LS,L16-18,III,C,2; NTS,L4,I
 Marriage  DS,L15; FI,L3-10; FI,L21,III; SR,L9-10,V; SR,L11-12,V; See also: Weddings
 Mary  LOC,L3-4,VII
 Matthew  NTS,L3,I
 Meditation  PBS,L5,I,C
 Melchizedek  GN,L13-14,VII,B
 Membership  DS,L18; LC,L10,II; WPT,L8,IV
 Mentoring  BGW,L12; See also: Discipleship
 Millennium  BD2,L21-24,IV
 Ministries  See: Body Ministry
 Ministry Discovery  DS,L21; LM1,L7-11
 Ministry Preparation  GN,21-23,II; LM1,L7-11,III,E
 Miracles  HS,L21-22,I,IV-V; LOC,L14; LOM,L9,I
 Mission of Church  BD2,L14-18,IX; LC,L13
 Mission Statement  VV,L13-14,II
 Mistakes, Common  CP,L19-20
 Money  LM3,L5; See also: Financial Management
 Morality  SR,L8; SR,L11-12;III; LOM,L15-17,II,F
 Moses  LOM,1-24, LOC,L13
 Motive(s), Motivation  CT,L3,II,B; EV,L2; LS,L1-4,II,B,9; LS,L15,III-IV; LM3,L1-3,II; PM,L4,II-III; BGW,L10
 Murder  LOM,L15-17,II,E
 Name of Jesus  MPN,L5,IV; AA,L2-3,III,D; NTS,L7,VI,C
 Names of God  PBS,L3-4,I,B; LOC,L16; LOM,L5-6,III; LOM,L15-17,II,B
 Nazirite Vow  LOC,L6,IX
 New Birth  See: Regeneration
 Nimrod  GN,L12,II
 Noah  GN,L10
 Obedience  LOM,L23,II; VC,L3-4
 Offence  PM,L9,II-III
 Old Age  FI,L22,I-IV
 Old Covenant  WPT,L7
 Organization  LM2,L4
 Outlining  HO,L13; SC,L7
 Papacy  WPT,L14,I,B
 Parables  IS,L21; LOC,L18-19
 Parenting  FI,L11-18; FI,L9,VIII; FI,L19-20,VI
 Passover  LOM,L10,IV-VI
 Pastor(s)  LC, L23, I; HO,L3-4; PM,L1-24. LOC,L10,IV; See also: Senior Pastor, Shepherd
 Pattern  LC,L7
 Paul  AA,L13-24; CP,L3; LM3,L1-3,III,B; NTS,L8,I; VV,L9-11,III
 Pentecost  AA,L7-8,II,A; LOM,L14,II
 Perfection  BD1,L19-21,I,F
 Performance  BGW,L11
 Persecution  WPT,L12,I
 Peter  NTS,L20,I
 Pharisees  LOC,L1,IV,E; LOC,L15,II,C; LOC,L17; LOC,L18-19,IV; LOC,L21,I,A; LOC,L22,V
 Philip  AA,L13,III
 Plagues of Egypt  LOM,L9
 Power, Politics  BGW,L7
 Praise  WPT,L22,VI; See also: Worship
 Prayer  AA,L2-3,III,B; AA,L4-5,V,D; DS,L8; NTS,L7,VI,D; PBS,L1-8; See also: Jabez
 Prayer Journal  PBS,L5,B
 Prayer List  PBS,L5,I,A
 Preaching  HO,L1-18
 Premarital Counseling  PM,L16
 Preparation  LS,L16-18
 Presence of God  LOM,L19
 Present Truth  WPT,L1-2
 Pride  BC,L17,II,A,2-3; FI,L8,III,D; LS,L22-23,I
 Priesthood  LOM,L20,II,B; WPT,L22,VI
 Priorities  LM2,L2-3,VII; LM3,L4,I,B,2; PM,L7,II,A
 Promotion  LM3,L9
 Prophecy  LC, L21,II-III; HS,L19-20; IS,L23; LOC,L20; WPT,L20,I,E-F
 Prophecy, Judging of  HS,L20
 Prophet(s)  LC,L21; HS,L19,III,C; IS,L23; OTS,L11-12,H,1; OTS,L17,I-IV; LOC,L10,V; LOC.L20
 Prosperity  See: Abundance
 Purity  CT,L5; PM,L1-2,IV,H; SR,L8
 Purpose  See: Destiny
 Purpose of God  LC,L1; CP,L1,II; EV,L6-7,III; LM1,L2-3; LM3,L4; WPT,L6
 Putting Off/Putting On  BC,L19,III,A
 Rapture  BD2,L21-24,V
 Reaping/Sowing  See: Sowing/Reaping
 Rebellion  SR,L3,V
 Reconciliation  FI,L21,VIII-X
 Redemption  BD1,L19-21,VI; L22-24,VII; BD2,L1-6,IV-VIII; DS,L1,II; GN,L7,V; NTS,L8,VI; OTS,L9,F-G
 Reformation, The  WPT,L17
 Regeneration  BD1,L19-21,VI,VII; BD2,L10-13,VIII
 Rejection  LOC,L21
 Relationships  CP,L15; BC,L7-9,II,D; SR,L1-12; See also: Roles/Relationships
 Relevancy  CT,L7
 Remarriage  See: Divorce/Remarriage
 Remnant  WPT,L15
 Renewing the Mind  DS,L10
 Repentance  DS,L2; MPN,L2; OTS,L21-22,V,E,4; VC,L5-9
 Respect  CP,L18; FI,L12,I; LOM,L15-17,II,B&D
 Responsibility, Personal  BC,L7-9,V; BC,L19, Appendix
 Reputation  LM3,L10
 Restitution  VC,L5-9,II,E,7; WPT,L16,I-II; See also: Restoration
 Restoration  LS,L22-23,VIII; LOC,L14,III; WPT,L3-4; See also: Restoration of Church
 Restoration of Church  AA,L9-10,IV; WPT,L3-4,IV; WPT,L16; See also: Restoration
 Revival  WPT,L3-4; WPT,L5
 Rewards  VC,L24,IV
 Rock  LOM,L12-13,III,C
 Roles/Relationships  SR,L1-12; FI,L4; See also: Relationships
 Romance  SR,L9-10
 Resurrection  BD2,L1-6,IX; LOC,L16,II,E; LOC,L24,I-III
 Sabbath  LOC,L15; LOM,L15-17,II,C
 Sacrifices, Spiritual  WPT,L22,VI
 Sadducees  LOC,L1,IV,F; LOC,L17; LOC,L21,I,A; LOC,L22,V
 Salt  GN,L15,V,A
 Salvation  DS,L1; MPN,L4; NTS,L8,VI,B; OTS,L17,VIII,A; LOC,L14,III
 Samuel  OTS,L10,C-D
 Satan, Devil  BD1,L15-18;L6,II; GN,L6-7; OTS,L15-16,VIII
 Saul  OTS,L10,I,1
 Seal of the Spirit  HS,L5,II,F
 Second Coming of Christ  BD2,L1-6,XI; BD2,L21-24,VI-IX; VC,L24,II
 Seed of the Woman  GN,L7; GN,L8,III,B; GN,L12,I,B; GN,L20,II; IS,L9,III,A; OTS,L3-4,H; OTS,L5,H; OTS,L6,E
 Self-denial  VC,L2,I,D; VC,L5-9,II,D,2
 Self-image  VC,L10-12,Appendix; BGW,L1; TS,L3-4,III,C
 Self-love  See: Pride
 Senior Pastor  PM,L1-2, Appendix; See also Pastor(s)
 Servant Heart  DS,L19; CT,L5,II
 Servanthood  LC,17,I; LS,L8-11; LM1,L7-11,III,E; NTS,L4,V; LOC,L10,I; BGW,L3
 Sex  FI,L9; FI,L19-20,II; OTS,L15-16,XVI,C,4; LOM,L15-17,II,F
 Sex Education  FI,L9,VIII
 Sin  BD1,L1-6; BC,L17, Appendix
 Sinlessness of Christ  BD2,L1-6,IV,C
 Shadows  See: Typology
 Sheep  LC,L23,I,A; PM,L1-2,II,A; PM,L1-2,Appendix 4
 Shepherd(s)  PM,L1-2,I-IV; PM,L1-2,Appendix 2-3; LOC,L16,II,D; See also Pastor(s)
 Silence  PBS,L7,I
 Small Group Ministry  See: Cell Groups
 Sodom/Gomorrah  GN,L15,III
 Solomon  OTS,L11-12,B,1; OTS,L11-12,C,2
 Sowing/Reaping  BC,L7-9,VI; GN,L18-19,II,B; LM2,L9-10,II,C
 Speaking in Tongues  See: Tongues
 Spirit of God  See: Holy Spirit
 State  See: Civil Authority, Church and State
 Stealing  LOM,L15-17,II,G
 Stephen  AA,L12
 Stewardship  DS,L20; LM2,L1; PM,L7,I; VC,L24,II,C,3
 Strategy(ies)  VV,L13-14,VI
 Study  PM,L8
 Submission  DS,L14,IV; SR,L3,IV
 Suffering  NTS,L20,IV; OTS,L15-16,XIV; VC,L21-23
 Support Ministry  GN,21-23,III
 Tabernacle of David  WPT,L22,VI
 Teacher(s)  LC,L23,II; LOC,L10,III
 Teaching  BD1, L1-2
 Team Ministry, Work  PM,L21; VV,L17; BGW,L16
 Television  FI,L15,III,I
 Temple of God  BD2,L14-18,VII,A; LC,L9
 Temptation  BD1,L19-21;III; L22-24,VI; DS,L12; GN,L6,I-II; LS,L22-23,I; NTS,L19,V,C; LOC,L7-8,II;
 Ten Commandments  LOM,L15-17
 Testing  LS,L16-18,V; LOM,L12-13,I; See also: Trials
 Testimony, Personal  EV,L5,I
 Thought Life  VC,L10-12,V,E
 Time Management  LM2,L5-6; PM,L7,I,B; PM,L7,II-IV; BGW,L21-22; TS,L3-4,III,E
 Timothy  AA,L20,II; NTS,L16,I
 Tithing  DS,L20; LC,L12; BC,L7-9,II,E; See also: Giving
 Titus  NTS,L17,I
 Tongue, The  NTS,L19,V,E; PM,L9,III,B; PM,L11-12,II,B,2, VC,L10-12,V,D; VC,L18-20
 Tongues, the Evidence  HS,L10-11,IV; HS,L12; MPN,L7,VII-VIII; AA,L7-8,II,C,3; IS,L8,I,B; PBS,L5,I,E; VC,L14,II
 Tongues, the Gift  HS,L12,I,D; HS,L23,II
 Tongues, the Ministry  HS,L12,I,D
 Tradition(s)  LC,L7,II,A,2; LOC,L15
 Transition  LOM,L23
 Translations  See:  Bible Versions
 Trend(s)  CT,L6,I
 Trials  See: Testing
 Tribulation, The  BD2,L21-24,IV
 Trinity  BD1, L9-14,VII-IX
 Truth  TS,L3-4,III,B
 Typology  IS,L19-20; WPT,L7
 Unity  LC,L3-4,V,A; LC,L16,III,D; AA,L4-6,V,C; WPT,L21,V
 Unpardonable Sin  See: Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit
 Vacation, Family  PM,L24,Appendix
 Values  VV,L13-14,V; VV,L18-24; TS,L3-4,III,F
 Versions  See: Bible Versions
 Vine  LOC,L16,II,G
 Vision  VV,L1-17; BGW,L4
 Vision Statement  VV,L13-14,III
 Visitation  WPT,L5; See also: Hospital Visitation
 Water Baptism  DS,L5; MPN,L5-6; PM,L13; VC,L13
 Weddings  PM,L17   See also: Marriage
 Widows  NTS,L16,IV,C
 Will of God  BC,L7-9,IV,A; LM1,L4-6,C; LM3,L1-3,I,D
 Wind  HS,L2,II,C; CT,L10-11,I-VII
 Winds of Doctrine  See: False Doctrine
 Wine  AA,L7-8,III,C,4
 Wisemen, The  LOC,L5,III; LOC,L5,VI
 Witness(ing)  MPN,L4; EV,L4,III; EV,L9,IV; See also: Evangelism
 Wives  FI,L5,VI
 Word of God  BD1, L1-2,V; L3-8; AA,L2-3,III,C; BC,L2b-3,III; BC,L18; DS,L9; HO,L3- 4,II,B; NTS,L7,VI,A; PBS,L9,I; See also: Bible
 Word of Knowledge  HS,L18
 Word of Wisdom  HS,L18
 Work  LM3,L1-12; BGW,L19; See also: Business
 Works  See: Good Works
 World View  TS,L1-2
 Worship  DS,L23; GN,L8,IV; WPT,L22,VI
 Wrath of God  BD2,L21-24,V,B,2; OTS,L23-24,IX,D
 Writing  VV,L12; VV,L15-16,VI
 Zion  IS,L9,III,B

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